Cosmetic allergen

Cosmetic allergy

About cosmetic allergies,
If you want to test yourself, the easiest and most cost-effective way is to not wear makeup at all.
Does not make up to see if it will improve the skin condition

First confirm your skin's skin properties, then choose the right product to use

Exogenous: Food and environmental acute and chronic allergy: 9,000NTD ←← Online reservation for this test

Exogenous: Daily necessities, cosmetics, plasticizers, metabolic allergies: 8,000NTD

Exogenous: Drug accumulation and metabolic allergy 15,000NTD ←← Online reservation for this test

Exogenous: hair and blood toxin heavy metal cumulative allergy: 8,000NTD

Functionality: Digestive system Lack of fat-soluble vitamins, water-deficient vitamins, amino acid deficiency, iron deficiency, zinc, B12, folic acid, nutrient deficiency allergy: 15,000 NTD

Endogenous & Hereditary: Autoimmune allergy, histamine tolerance abnormality analysis: 8,000NTD

Complete analysis of systemic allergens, cost reference price: 50,000NTD

Report 2-3 weeks, online appointment for systemic allergen testing