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Taipei Allergens Test. Why do allergen testing?

Allergens in food and the environment, causing nose allergies and food-induced allergies
  Why do allergen testing? The importance of allergen testing allows Kao medical examiners to share with you. Kao medical examiner who has severe allergies since childhood, including asthma, itchy skin, gastrointestinal problems, is in poor condition to prepare allergic drugs and bronchodilators. Every time you sneeze and runny nose, you need to use half a pack of toilet paper or If you don't smoke allergic drugs, you will feel uncomfortable. I believe that friends who are also allergic must have the same feeling!
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  Sneezing, runny nose, itchy skin, gastrointestinal discomfort and sleep problems have seriously affected my "sleep", "study" and "quality of study" until Kao medical examiner graduated from medical school, finished medicine, nutrition, food Learning, I deeply realized that there are certain ways to avoid allergens and improve allergens.

  Every time the sneezing sound seems to run through a thick wall in the home, the noise of the high frequency that interferes with others makes me feel owed.

  I had a severe allergic reaction in my impression, my skin was severely itchy, I went to catch it, and then the skin broke, bleeding, tissue fluid oozing out, scaring my family, I would even wake up when I was asleep, I believe friends with allergies You must have empathy. At that time, I decided to go to the University of Taiwan to see a doctor. Because the family of Kao medical examiners also has a medical background, it is not necessary to pay a part of the cost to find a doctor who knows the doctor, but I think it should No one will want to save this kind of money and go to see a doctor!

  After that, I took the steroid cream prescribed by the doctor, rubbed it on time, rubbed it every day, I was very obedient and used it according to the doctor's instructions, but it was like the yo-yo theory, it was effective when rubbing the medicine, but when I didn't wipe it A little bit of time will have a reaction, but it will be more serious. Now my mood is even worse.

  I remember the most serious one. I was pushed to the computerized tomography room of the National Taiwan University Hospital. The otolaryngologist at the National Taiwan University Hospital announced that my nose must be operated, otherwise it will accumulate forever. CT computed tomography images appeared. At this time, the cold clinic, the doctor’s words were like the judges who walked with God. The final diagnosis was that chronic sinusitis affected the brain. At the time, I was terrified, I was afraid. My life will be deeply affected by this.

  Friends with sinusitis must have the same feelings. When the nasal passages go straight to the brain, even breathing and talking will have a smell of rotten eggs. It is really uncomfortable... At that time, I made a wish, I must find a way to thoroughly Improve people's allergies

  I used to take the nose from the general clinic, steam, salt wash, pepper paste, three stickers; nine stickers, acupuncture, anti-allergic skin care products, find ways to do everything.

  Including the theory that I have learned source theory, dam theory, nitric oxide theory, protein complementation theory, and so on. Finally, my method of fusion is...

Since I was born with a serious illness, I have been willing to find a way to improve my allergens. Later, I passed the "Complete Allergen Check", "Bristol Stool Classification" and the 2018 "American Latest Dietary Guide". To guide my patients to completely improve allergies.

Some friends may have the following questions

1. I saw a lot of information related to allergies on the Internet. I went to the bookstore to buy some allergic books. Some people even bought all the books related to allergies and did it. But it did not improve allergies.
2. I have already tested allergens in the hospital, but why can't I improve my allergy?
3. I have taken a bunch of Western medicine and Chinese medicine or anti-allergic health products according to the doctor's instructions, but the effect is not significant.
4. I am improving according to the diet I think is effective, but it is not effective.
5. I thought I was eating very healthy and nutritious, but still didn't improve.

Possible harm from allergies
1. Taiwan's island-type climate, high temperature and high humidity allergies affect the quality of life
2. Microvascular rupture, dark circles are very heavy
3. Repeated visits, very troublesome, running around, medical waste registration waste a pile
4. I bought a bunch of health products, but the effect is not significant.
5. Affecting work efficiency, affecting sleep, judgment, decision-making power is still lost, affecting income
6. Other families are not ready to carry

Kao medical examiner will give you the value after allergies are improved
1. Correct diet, nutrition concept
2. Clearly understand your own allergens, food will have his own memory and recognition ability, just like you meet people you like and hate people, you can smell her body in the distance, A feeling of wanting to take possession of your own lust, or use the corners of your eyes to know that people who hate it are here. It is also like food has its own frequency, magnetic field, and antibody.
3. Do you know that overdose in cruciferous species can cause allergies? Originally, sulfides are good anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant substances and anti-cancer substances. If excessive intake leads to acid production, it accumulates in cells and glands to cause inflammatory reactions. Does it worsen allergies?
4. Clearly tell you the amount of water you need for one day.
5. Taiwan Kao medical examiner, original soup theory
6. You definitely don't know the hidden knowledge of allergies that can cause allergies.

You started this allergy history from the Kao medical inspector today.

I also hope that you can give yourself a chance to change your allergies and learn medical knowledge.

I made a wish, I will do my best to do my best to improve the allergies of Taiwanese.

After the inspection, we will have a lifelong plan to form an allergy "book club", and

"Allergy Improvement Society" and "Allergy LINE Group", together with brain power

Violence, let people who have successfully improved allergies assist people who have not improved their allergies

Improve allergies together

Every day, different people come from various regions. These people come to Taipei, Taiwan to find me to test allergens. This is not an exaggeration, but a fact.

Kao medical inspectors are currently serving in all areas of Taiwan

MRT Nanjing Sanmin  Green Line

Exit 1  U-bike  San Min Road  Roundabout & Circle  1F., No.218, Sec. 5, Minsheng E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105 

 It 's next to mcdonald 's & the post office is just across from our Lab.  



Booking Allergens Test