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The following is the Department of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Research at Minsheng Medical Laboratory., The kao medical examiner has collated the items that have been frequently infected with sexually transmitted diseases in recent years.

I only have short-term contact sexual behavior about 7-28 days <1-4 weeks>What health examination items I can choose? When will the report result be generated? Can I do anonymous screening for self-paying? What is the cost ?

1. HIV-RTPCR can be detected after 7-10 days of exposure. 2800 NTD
2. FTA-Abs early syphilis test < Originally used for the confirmation of syphilis infection when RPR+TPHA was abnormal, but now changed to the first line use >1200 NTD
3. HSVI/II IgM acute herpes infection 1500 NTD
4. Chlamydia early detection of chlamydia infection 1000 NTD
5. Gonorrhea early gonococcal examination 1000 NTD
6. HPV cauliflower human papillomavirus. 1200 NTD
7. Ureaplasma urealyticum Ureaplasma] Ureaplasma, also known as mycoplasma, symptoms of genital itching, urination and tingling > 1500 NTD
8. Candida albicans. Mold 1000NTD

9. Mycoplasma genita 1500

10. Trichomonas 1000

11. GBS type B streptococcus 1000 

12.Gardnerella vaginalis 1000

13.HAV-IgM early viral hepatitis check, cost 1000NTD

14.HBV-PCR early B liver virus detection, cost 2000NTD,

15. HCV-RTPCR Early C liver virus detection cost 3000NTD

I will provide A liver reexamination service for 3 months

I will provide B liver reexamination service for 3 months

I will provide C liver reexamination service for 3 months

1~8 items For the early infection projects, the total cost of testing is 8000NTD.

1~12 items For the early infection projects, the total cost of testing is 12000NTD.

1~15 items For the early infection projects, the total cost of testing is 20000NTD.

( Comprehensive Test 1-15)


  We will provide AIDS + syphilis + HPV cauliflower+infections  re-examination service for 3 months ) 

The reporting time is 4-5 working days, and the test items with abnormal results will be reviewed and reconfirmed.
Minsheng Medical Laboratory has nearly 10,000 HIV-RTPCR test cases. There are no cases where the original results are negative but turned into positive results, but other places have, I want to see the story.
Early syphilis has been tested after one month, so it will be tracked after 4 weeks.
The examination can be completely anonymous, and the fee is charged based on the contact time, risk, object, and current symptom assessment suitable for the test item.
You can specify the test items to do the test or you can do the test according to the symptoms. You can do all of them, all of which are paid for yourself. Only anonymous medical records will be kept.
Please keep your phone number or other contact method for notification of results and treatment suggestions during the examination.
Contact time and empty window period will affect the test results, even after the early screening is completed.
If you find any abnormal items, please go to the Department of Infectious Diseases, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Dermatology to ask if the doctor needs to start medical treatment.
After the treatment is completed and the symptoms are improved, please remember to repeat the test to understand the treatment effect. If there is new contact, please recalculate the time.
As long as there is any unsafe contact ( vaginal/oral/anal), you may be infected with sexually transmitted diseases before you know your partnar physical condition.

I suspect that I am infected, and from the last time, I have doubtful contact time of 28-56 days <4-8 weeks>, what tests can I arrange?
1.HIV fast screening + Combo Test 2-in-1 HIV AIDS dual system screening, also known as the fourth generation / Alyssa / Eliza four generation / p24 antigen antibody test
2. Syphilis fast screening + RPR / TPHA two in one Syphilis syphilis dual system screening, also known as syphilis index / syphilis titer / particle agglutination / syphilis antibody test
3. Herpes check
4. Chlamydia check
5. gonococcal examination
6. Cauliflower inspection
7. General bacterial infection check
8. Hepatitis A virus check
9. Hepatitis B virus test
10. Hepatitis C virus check
The AIDS + syphilis quick screening result is 15 minutes, and the remaining reports take 4-5 days.

I have known the inspection conditions and their restrictions before making an appointment. The total cost of 

1~10 is 6000 NTD.

I don't have any symptoms, and the last sexual contact has been at least 49-84 days <7-12 weeks> or more. I want to do a general anonymous routine screening. What are the test items?
1. AIDS antibody fast screening 500 NTD, 15 minutes, contact for 3 months as the standard exclusion point, HIV quick screening appointment
2. Syphilis fast screening 500 NTD, 15 minutes, contact for 1 month as the standard exclusion point, a few foreign cases will be empty for 3 months. Syphilis fast screening appointment
3. Herpes infection record 500 NTD, 3 days 
4. Chlamydia infection records <80% or more women's symptoms are less obvious, pay attention to whether there are eye itching / pain or respiratory problems and other issues > 500 NTD, 3 days
5. Cauliflower infection 1200 NTD, 5 days - 7 days
I have known the inspection conditions and their restrictions before making an appointment. 1~5 items all test costs total 3000 NTD

6. Detection of gonococcus bacteria 1 to 6 items all the total cost of detection 3500NTD

What are the inspection items that can be quickly screened? How long will there be a report result?
2. Syphilis
3. Candida / mold / yeast
4. Trichomonas
5. General bacteria 1~5 items all test costs a total of 1500 NTD,


kao medical examiner added this project, the first in Taiwan to start
Gardnerella vaginalis

6. Gardnerella vaginalis 1~6 items all test costs total 2000 NTD, I want to reserve 6 in 1 quick test immediately

Gardnerella vaginalis
G.V is associated with bacterial vaginitis and may be asymptomatic or may have vaginal discharge.
It is usually accompanied by an unpleasant smell of "fishy smell" after infection.

I have known that I have been sexually contacted for more than 7-12 weeks before I made an appointment.

Report time is 15 minutes

General  STD  TEST

1.HIV         Rapid test,15min

2.Syphilis   Rapid test,15min




6.Human Papillomavirus : HPV

7.Hepatitis A

8.Hepatitis B

9.Hepatitis C

10.Non Specific Urethritis : NSU

11.General Vaginatitis : GV

5,000 TWD  Booking  STD  Test