Environmental allergen

Analysis of phthalate (plasticizer) allergens

Living room: vinyl furniture (such as: clever floor, plastic floor, imitation leather sofa, etc.), furniture decoration, carpet lining
Bedroom: plastic toys, rag dolls, baby pants, nail polish, perfume, air cleaner, cosmetics.
Bathroom: Hair embossing spray, hair spray, deodorant, shower curtain, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair dryer, toothbrush
Kitchen: Contaminated food and supplies, soap, food packaging, plastic bags, cling film, plastic products
External environment: water pipes, gardening plastic products, roof tiles, raincoats, and insecticides.
Others : aspirin, footwear, computer mouse, paint, glue, softener for PVC resin, packaging film
Analysis of benzoate (preservative) allergens
It is widely used as a preservative in the following products, with sterilization and inhibition of mold.
Bedroom: cosmetics, lotions, lotions, moisturizers, lubricants, medicines.
Bathroom: shampoo, shaving cream, spray, toothpaste. Laundry room Dry cleaning agent, detergent.
Kitchen: food additives.
External environment: sunscreen • air conditioning system
Phenol Allergen Analysis
Living room: kettle, bottle, beverage container, leather
Bathroom: toothpaste, facial cleanser, mouthwash, shaving foam, soap, shower gel, skin care products, face cream, etc.
Bedroom: bottle, household appliances, thermal paper, woven products
Kitchen: dishwashing detergent, plastic water bottle, food container, plastic tableware, food packaging inner film (such as canned food), preservatives.
Laundry room: laundry detergent, detergent, detergent, fungicide lens
External environment: air fragrance, pesticide, foaming agent, dispersant, emulsifier, plastic, pulp, paint
Others : wound disinfection spray, wood preservatives, medical dental equipment, antiperspirants, adhesive preservatives
Analysis of toxic elemental allergens
For its source, aggravation, antagonism, physiological effects, biochemical metabolism and excessive symptoms
Complete analysis of allergic and inflammatory symptoms caused by hypertoxic substances and trace amounts of toxins