STD Nutrition

STD nutrition

You have thought about why some people smoke for a lifetime without lung cancer, and those who live and eat healthy foods are cancerous. Some people have nothing to do with sexual intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex. It doesn't make sense! !

Think about your future & your child. 

Is it natural, or is it born? The answer is no.

That is because there are good nutrition concepts and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Before sexual intercourse, they confirm each other's physical health, and emphasize that they do not stay up late and have a good time.

You must have heard the sentiments of the two sides, and they have a feeling of affection between each other, and the sexes are more about the intention of the two sides, and they have a feeling of affection. In other words: willing and happy

When you are unwilling or unhappy, you are extremely likely to get sick.
For example, "Bring drunk people home to have sex" and "sexual assault."

When the immune system is weak, it is the time when the infectious substance is invaded.
There must be reason in the room.

It is currently regrettable that there is no effective way to do this:
Do not take medicine or nutritional treatment to completely return HIV to zero

since ancient times
When the sexually transmitted disease comes out, no one is spared.
Remember Don't take any chances, and don't forget Murphy's Law.

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