Drug check

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Hair detection Urine test
1. Amphetamine 1. Amphetamine (500/10 minutes fast screening)
2. Methyl amphetamine 2. Morphine / opium (500/10 minutes fast screening)
3.MDA 3.K his life (500/10 minutes fast screening)
4.MDMA 4. Ecstasy MDMA (500/10 minutes fast screening)
5. Morphine / opium 5. Cannabis (500/10 minutes fast screening)
6. Heroin 6. Red
7.Morphine 7. Whiteboard
8.Codeine 8. Methadone
9.Kitamin / Ketamine 9. Anti-depressant agent (tricyclic anti-depressant)
Other hair detection: additional cost 10. Methyl amphetamine
1. Cannabis cannabinoids Please call us 11. Barbiturates
2. Other 12. Angel Dust BZD Rape Pill FM2
Sample: Hair Report 2-4 weeks
Can be measured within 7-365 days after drug abuse
50 mg / about 100
Reservation check
Sample: Urine Report 5-10 points
Coffee/milk tea/unidentified liquid
Reservation check

Applicable ethnic groups:

1. Worried about family, children, friends, and colleagues who use drugs and endanger public safety

2. Private screening or police station before screening for screening

3. School/company preliminary screening positive review

4. Company medical examination and personal self-clearing

5. Suspect whether the unknown liquid is incorporated into the drug screening


According to different drug types and concentration of ingredients,

Urine drugs can be detected for a period of time: 1-7 days, an average of about 3 days.