Clinical significance

Total cholesterolneutral fat TG

Risk index for cardiovascular atherosclerosis

250NTD. 1 day ← appointment

High density lipoprotein HDL (good cholesterol)Low density lipoprotein LDL (bad cholesterol)

For the most representative lipids in the body, reference to arteriosclerosis

200NTD. 1 day ← appointment

Static electrocardiogram ECG

Diagnosis of arrhythmia and changes caused by various heart diseases

200NTD. 15 minutes ← appointment

Prothrombin time PT
Partial thromboplastin time APTT

Blood coagulation function and blood embolism assessment

400NTD. 1 day ← appointment

Lactate dehydrogenase LDH
Creatine kinase CPK

Cardiac function, myocardial infarction reference index

200NTD. 1 day ← appointment


Risk factors for myocardial infarction

1000NTD. 1 day ← appointment

Native B-type natriuretic peptide Pro-BNP

The latest US heart failure prognosis indicator

2000NTD. 1 day ← appointment

Highly sensitive heart inflammatory index

Cardiac inflammation or coronary risk factor

500NTD. 1 day ← appointment

Arteriosclerosis index test

Check the surrounding blood vessels for stenosis and hardening

500NTD. 1 day ← appointment

Cardiovascular coagulation factor Ca

Check if cardiovascular factors are stable

100NTD. 1 day ← appointment

Cardiovascular Endothelium Micronutrient Mg

Check for the lack of cardiovascular endothelin

100NTD. 1 day ← appointment

Complete set of inspection considerations 

1. Must be full fasting for 8 hours

2. Report for 3 days

3. Cost 5000NTD

 Reserve a full set of tests