There are thousands of items to check, and you still can't figure it out?

He is the first in Taiwan -
Let all the counties and cities in Taiwan go to the Taipei-Minsheng medical inspection
He is the first in Taiwan -
Let more than 40 different countries around the world go to the inspection

I am imbued with what one had seen and heard ,
And the profession has been 5 years

Specialization: Systemic disease examination, systemic allergen detection
Specialization: whole body accurate gene and cancer confirmation, whole body examination planning

He is the educational initiator of the STD examination in Taiwan, through accurate DNA & RNA technology, and unique nutritional insights.

Let everything go back to the essence of things,
All religions and thoughts are similar, and the final purpose is the same, and all can achieve the same purpose,
people oriented.

As the saying goes:
Our bodies—to every hair and bit of skin—are received by us from our parents, and we must not presume to injure or wound them. This is the beginning of filial piety

Life has no ownership, only the right to use, is responsible for what you do, and is responsible for your own health.

He used the most traditional ancient culture methods plus the latest nucleic acid stream replication and enrichment technology to unravel the mystery of the main five infectious substances.
It contains bacteria, mold, bacteria, viruses, protozoa

He is the kao Medical Technologist who is known as the chief STD specialist.
Gao Yukai: kenkenupup

The origin of Ken is: Yes, I Can, and up is: remind me to be positive
2 times of Yes, I Can and 2 times of up: Tell me to have the spirit of Positive

The motto that my teacher used to be is -----
"I can do my best, but I want to be innocent."

Now my own motto is -----
"Based on the principle of professionalism, taking people's livelihood as our responsibility"

These two sentences also tell me:
Believe in yourself, as long as you work hard, you can also make a career like those celebrities., take it, let it go, don’t take it, don’t be stubborn, don’t be arrogant, so high

Many people have said ---
Year of the dog investment has earned compensation
I said ---
Investing in yourself, making a profit, not paying for it, for who is healthy

When you are still thinking
If you don’t have a bit of courage, then dare to take risks.
I am thinking
f you don’t have more of courage, then dare to come out.

I have to remind myself many times every day: Is the work dedicated? Is the friend a trustworthy letter? Is knowledge used for practice?

Kao Medical Technologist, who is equivalent to completing the Taiwan Advanced Examination at the second year of university, will personally preside over the inspection process, which includes:
Systemic STD examination, systemic allergen testing, whole body accurate gene and cancer confirmation, whole body examination planning, etc., and the guidance of the department, help the tens of thousands of people to achieve the correct concept of disease prevention.

"My desire in 2010 is to make me go on the published list of successful candidates. I will donate all my invoices for future consumption to help those in need, because I think people just want to rely on themselves, no effort .
I am very happy that I keep my promise. In 2018, I will continue to implement the high inspectors.
Without exception.

Recently, I have new thinking and dreams, which is to help everyone in the world.
1. Prevention of AIDS
2. Preventive infectious diseases
3. Establish an educational mechanism to improve allergies
4. Prevent cancer

Beginning in 2018, kao Medical Technologist will work with Taiwanese doctors with the same philosophy to establish a complete teaching mechanism at the Taipei Minsheng Medical Laboratory.
Leading medical experts in various fields to learn about the most complete methods and processes for detecting sexually transmitted diseases in the world.
Kao Medical Technologist guides you to a healthy and free life, in addition to spiritual stimulation and practical teaching cases.

If you are really interested in STD and AIDS
If you really want to know how to thoroughly improve allergies
If you can't wait to know kao Medical Technologist's exclusive cancer dual system confirmation magic weapon
Please don't miss it, now is the best chance to help you open your door to health.

Whether you just want to know about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases,
Or with the dream of thoroughly improving allergies,
Or do you want to further confirm the cancer screening data?
Both can bring benefits to the side of the kao Medical Technologist and have no regrets in this life.
If you are a woman, please make an appointment now to have a beautiful relationship with kao Medical Technologist

If you are a male, you should make an appointment immediately to see what kind of inspiration the old captain and old driver can bring to you.

Finally let this one --
Thoughtful insights, words, Deeply transparent,Very admirable kao Medical Technologist

Tell everyone how to choose the right inspection project, use accurate detection to achieve healthy and free life.

Kao Medical Technologist I just want to help you get better and improve your health.

Kao Medical Technologist I just want you to see life from yourself, see health, see hope, and implement improvement.

Kao Medical Technologist, my speech is honest, humorous, deep, inspiring, meaningful

Kao Medical Technologist I think there is a causal relationship, the logic is clear and clear, with a sense of hierarchy

Kao Medical Technologist, my communication is simple and clear, with words and words in place, instructive