Breast cancer examination

For breast cancer screening
Kao Medical Technologist offers a few suggestions:

1. First confirm the family history: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, is there a history of breast cancer?

2. Self-examination: Put your fingers together and use your fingertips to press around the breast to see if there is any discomfort.

3. Physician visit and palpation: use the clinical experience of the physician to identify.

4. Breast
X-ray photography: The purpose is to detect calcifications or tiny tumors of the breast, as well as asymptomatic zero-stage breast cancer.

5. Ultrasonic examination: If the breast is abnormally lumped, it will use ultrasonic scanning to extract the tumor cells with fine needles for pathological examination.

6. Breast biopsy: usually by puncture or surgery, remove the lump and cut the sample for further testing. This method can diagnose breast cancer more accurately.

7. Blood index check: Through the inflammatory index and breast index to make a preliminary confirmation, some women do not dare to directly touch the breast by male doctors or female physicians, resulting in delays in the disease, it is strongly recommended to give priority to blood tests to make initial guidance.

8. Breast cancer genetic testing: It is currently the most expensive, but it is also the clearest understanding of whether it is a cause of breast cancer.

9. Chinese medicine examination:
According to Kao Medical Technologist, some Chinese medicine practitioners have different opinions on breast examination. It is not a bad thing to listen to the advice of different doctors.

10. pray to the gods and seek to ascertain by divination
Psychic: Any informal medical approach is only a reference.
It is recommended that the return to orthodox medical treatment is on the right track.